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Daisy Chain Necklace

When's the last time you made a daisy chain? Long approved by daydreaming girls across the country, it's still the sweetest summer accessory around.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, June 2010


Make a long bohemian strand, a demure choker, or anything in between. Show your kids how to link flowers, and watch their creativity grow.

Tip: True daisies are in season, but they're quite fragile. We used daisy chrysanthemums, which are found year-round at most florists (and even supermarkets) and hold up better out of water.


  • Daisy chrysanthemums


  1. Pinch flower stems to about 4 inches. Make a small slit in the bottom half of each stem with your nails. 

  2. Thread 1 stem through the slit in another. Continue, adding flowers to reach desired length. To finish, make a second slit in the stem of the first flower, and slip the last flower through it.

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