Add pizzazz to your Fourth of July party with starry tabletop runners made from red and white paper. The motif can be produced by tracing a four-star template onto accordion-folded paper and cutting multiples. Use a blue tablecloth as a base for the runners, and then cover them with organdy. Matching napkin ties can double as place cards and complete the theme.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Download large four-star template, and print onto card stock. Using a craft knife, cut out template.

Step 2

Cut a sheet of heavy red paper to 7 1/4 by 29 inches. With a pencil, mark 1 long side at 7 1/4-inch intervals. Using a bone folder, accordion-fold paper at marked intervals.

Step 3

Place template on top of paper, letting points of stars hang just over folds; trace. Cut around template and through layers, leaving stars attached where points touch and at folds. Repeat with more red paper. Unfold; connect cutouts with tape at back. Repeat process using heavy white paper.

Step 4

Secure runners to tablecloth with double-sided tape, and top with organdy.

Step 5

Follow step 1, above, but download small star template. Trace onto heavy red and white paper; cut out 1 red star and 1 white star for each guest.

Step 6

Write guest's name on white star, and pierce tops of both; thread stars onto red string.


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