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Color-Coded Towel Tags

Martha Stewart Living, August 2009

Your family and guests won't confuse their white towels if you color-code them with hanging loops. Suspended from pegs, the towels will dry quickly and stay neat.

Tools and Materials
Colorfast, cotton-twill ribbon (1-inch wide) in several colors, each cut into 8-inch strips
White towels
Needle and thread

Towel Tags How-To 
1. Fold a ribbon strip in half so the cut ends align, making a loop. Fold cut ends under 3/8 inch. 

2. At midpoint of one long side of a towel, sew ribbon strip to towel twice, with folded-under edges facing inward: Stitch once about a 1/4 inch in from towel's edge, and again, about 1/8 inch in from that. 

3. Repeat on additional towels, varying ribbon colors. 

Stress-Free Pegs 
Shaker pegs are functional and stylish, but they can be a hassle to install. To make the job easier, look for ones that screw in (; the deep threads anchor pegs securely with minimal effort.

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