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Map Scrapbooks

Give the maps that guided you to favorite destinations a second life as scrapbook showstoppers. The printed papers become colorful and fitting backdrops for vacation mementos (and making them is easier than folding the map itself).

Photography: Raymond Hom

Source: Martha Stewart Living, July 2010


In addition to using photos, you can commemorate a trip through receipts, brochures, business cards, menus, and even food wrappers. Pressed plants, feathers, or other natural tokens are also evocative.

If you buy a new road atlas, save the old one for this project. Also keep the free maps given out at rental-car offices, hotels, and tourist destinations.

Resources: Kaji top-load album and Series H refill pages,


  • Scrapbook

  • Straightedge

  • Scissors or craft knife

  • Maps

  • Archival glue stick

  • Photos

  • Envelopes in various sizes (to be used as templates)


  1. Cut the map to fit, and glue it in place along edges.

  2. Cut a rectangle larger than the photo (ours has a 1/4-inch margin), and cut slits into the corners.

  3. Unfold an existing envelope; trace around it on a double-sided map. Cut out, and then fold and glue it to match the original.

  4. Cut a small rectangle (ours are 1 by 2 inches). Fold the edges to the center to create a triangle, and glue the seam side to the page.

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