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Painter's Helper

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2002


Brushwork along edges and around cylindrical objects can be messy, but this stand with protruding screws holds items in place for painting. 



  • One square foot 3/4-inch.thick plywood

  • One square foot 1/2-inch-thick plastic foam

  • Drill

  • 3-inch drywall screws


  1. To make this useful base, position a square foot of 3/4-inch-thick plywood on a piece of 1 1/2-inch-thick plastic foam of the same size. Drill holes all the way through the plywood at 1-inch intervals, then countersink 3-inch drywall screws (so the stand will sit flat against your work surface). When painting, set the object on top of the screws. Place foam over the screws' points to avoid injury when not in use.

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