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Make the Most of a Mudroom

Organizing Good Things 2005

Since it's often the first and last spot that family and friends see as they enter and exit, it's worth giving this often-overlooked corner special attention. Just a few touches can keep it bright, clean, and clutter-free.

1 To make the bulletin board, a picture frame was retrofitted using cork and linen. Two layers of cork were glued together. The linen was cut and glued on top (for polish), then the whole unit was glued to the picture frame's cardboard backing.

2 Woven storage baskets are positioned low enough to give children access to outerwear such as hats, scarves, and mittens.

3 A neat row of Shaker-style pegs reinforces the idea that knapsacks and totes need to be hung up, rather than thrown on the floor, when their wearers return home.

4 A bench serves as a pit stop for taking shoes off and provides a temporary perch for small items -- totes and leashes -- in transit.

5 Placing wet shoes on this sturdy boot tray keeps them from sitting on the floor and causing water damage to wood or carpets.


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