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Sake-Box Planters

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 1999


  • Wooden sake boxes

  • Drill

  • Vermiculite

  • Chopstick

  • Heavy-duty plastic wrap

  • Rubber Band

  • 18-gauge copper wire


  1. Drill four drainage holes in the bottom of each box.

  2. For scented geraniums, like the ones pictured here, cut actively growing shoots with at least three leaves from healthy plants.

  3. Fill the sake boxes with vermiculite; water until moistened.

  4. Use a chopstick to make a hole in the vermiculite, and insert a cutting.

  5. Settle the vermiculite around the cutting, covering at least one leaf node, and rewater.

  6. Heavy-duty plastic wrap, supported by 18-gauge copper wire, retains humidity. Insert one end of a 9-inch-long piece of copper wire into the vermiculite in one corner of the box; bend the wire diagonally across the top of the box, and insert the other end in the opposite corner.

  7. Do the same with a second piece of wire, crossing the first, as shown.

  8. Hold the plastic wrap in place with a rubber band.

  9. Create a name card for the cutting with care instructions inside, and tuck it into the rubber band.

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