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Three Easy Napkin Folds

Martha Stewart Living, November 1997

These three napkin folds are easy to create (but your guests will never know). For impressive results, start with clean, pressed linen or cotton napkins, and keep the iron hot.

Dark Brown Napkin: Fold the napkin in half horizontally, and press along the folded edge to make a crease. Unfold; place napkin on a surface with the crease facing up. Roll napkin in from both ends toward the crease (1). Stand napkin in a tumbler to hold its shape.

Light Brown Napkin: Fold the napkin in half diagonally to form a triangle; iron flat. Fold the point opposite the crease to the middle of the crease, and iron. Fold into thirds lengthwise, ironing creases along both folds (2). Next, fold the napkin along the creases so it is long and flat. Fold up one end of the napkin 1 inch from the edge; hold down (3). Begin rolling napkin up from this end, keeping the tuft exposed. Tuck the remaining end into the bottom half of the roll, and center napkin on a butter plate (4).

Yellow Bordered Napkin: Fold the napkin in half diagonally to form a triangle, and iron flat. Fold in two corners along the fold, and press one at a time. This envelope-style fold is ideal for hemstitched napkins or those with contrasting borders; a leaf or place card can be inserted or laid on top.

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