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Turkey Place Cards

To make these handsome place-card gobblers, download the templates

Photography: Laura Moss

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2007


  • Yarn

  • Card stock

  • Scallop scissors and scissors

  • Glue stick and craft glue


  1. download the templates; print and cut out.

  2. Trace templates onto colored card stock; cut out (use scallop scissors for the base), and snip a small triangle for the beak.

  3. Attach the head, body, wing, and beak with a glue stick.

  4. Cut 2 small slits in tail where indicated on the template. Secure ends of smooth yarn and textured yarn in 1 slit, and wrap entire tail with both yarns; secure ends in other slit, and cut yarn. Apply a small amount of craft glue directly onto yarn-wrapped tail, tracing the inner crescent; adhere body to tail piece. Inscribe guest's name on the base; attach tab on turkey body to base with double-sided tape.

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