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Jingle Bell Wreaths

The wonderfully familiar sounds of the holidays often get shut out while we're keeping warm indoors.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December/January 1998/1999


Hang this wreath where it will be heard (on a door, for instance), and bring the ring of sleigh bells to all the rooms in the house.


  • 16-gauge wire

  • 24-gauge wire

  • Jingle bells

  • Needle-nosed pliers

  • Ribbon


  1. Form 16-gauge wire into a circle. Make a closed loop at one end with needle-nose pliers.

  2. Thread jingle bells onto the open end in any size and color combination. When the wire is full, join its ends by twisting the unlooped end into a hook, and fasten it onto the closed loop.

  3. Tie a piece of ribbon into a bow; secure it to the bottom of the wreath with 24-gauge wire.

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