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Leafy Moth

Photography: Lisa Hubbard

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2000


Moths formed from filmy natural-color skeleton leaves are elegant, ghostly decorations for an autumn dinner table. For each moth, you'll need a dainty twig for the body, plus four skeleton leaves, available in craft shops. Try to find two pairs of symmetrical leaves; one pair will comprise the top halves of the wings and the other pair the bottom.

Leafy Moth How-To
Begin on top: Gently crease a leaf along its spine, and dab hot glue on its base; press onto twig, angling the leaf upward. Crease the bottom leaf, and dab with glue; place this leaf where the upper leaf meets the twig, angled downward, allowing the two leaves to overlap slightly. Repeat on opposite side. A dab of candle wax will perch a moth on a lantern.

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