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Ribboned Roller Shade

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2005


A fabric shade adorned with ribbon can light up a room even when it's pulled down. Choose a length of ribbon -- ours is grosgrain -- or decorative trim that works well in your room. Use fusible webbing to attach it to the shade. (Some trims already have a fusible backing.) You'll find the supplies at sewing stores -- but there's no sewing necessary.


  • Grosgrain ribbon

  • Fusible webbing

  • Ironing board

  • Shade


  1. Measure the width of the shade and add 1 inch --  this is the length of ribbon and fusible webbing you'll need (for a wider ribbon, use 2 strips of webbing).

  2. Lay the shade right side up on an ironing board. Align the webbing along the hem and place the ribbon on top, leaving 1/2 inch on either side. Iron the ribbon, beginning at the center and working outward.

  3. Wrap the edges around the back of the shade and press in place.

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