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Bewitching Decoration

Scare up fun at a Halloween party with a centerpiece that displays favor bags and seasonal ornaments.

Photography: Kirsten Strecker

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Fall 2005


Branches hold evil-eyed black cats and jolly jack-o'-lanterns fashioned from paper, as well as candy-filled bags for guests to bring back to their lairs. For the tree, spray-paint a branch black; wedge into a flower bucket filled with rocks. Cover with Spanish moss, and stretch craft-store cobwebs between branches.


  1. For each ornament, trace an ornament template onto construction paper seven times.

  2. Cut out. Stack pieces, and punch holes through both ends with a small hole punch; insert a black or orange paper fastener into each hole.

  3. Bend stack into a C shape; fan out pieces to form a globe. Glue on paper features (for cat's ears, fold bottom under to make a tab). For favors, stamp mini paper bags with names. Using pinking shears, cut traced circles out of paper. Fill bags; fold over tops. Place a circle on each; punch a hole through all layers. Tie on yarn for hanging.

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