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Bottle Wraps

Martha Stewart Living, November 1996

While a bottle of wine is an easy gift to give, it's often troublesome to wrap. The three ideas here begin with soft, flexible materials that conform to a bottle's contour.

Begin with several sheets of tissue paper. Lay bottle so that paper extends 2 inches beyond bottom and at least 1 inch beyond top. Before wrapping the bottle, fold paper edges in to create neat outer seams. Roll the bottle, and secure with double-sided tape beneath the seam. Fold the bottom as described above, and tape it closed. Fold the top over, or cinch it with waxed thread or twine. Finish the wrapping with twine, adding details such as pinecones or maple leaves.

Use two sheets of colored paper, each cut 1 inch wider than half the bottle's circumference, and 7 inches longer than the bottle; scallop edges with a rotary cutter, available at crafts stores (cutter shown below). Overlap the sheets by an inch, and tape them together with double-sided tape. Roll up the bottle, and tape the two remaining edges together. Fold the bottom under the tape. Center the seam, and fatten the top; fold the corners inward. Fold the top down, punch two holes, insert a ribbon, and tie. Finish ribbon ends with a pair of hazelnuts, drilled with a Dremel drill, sold at crafts stores.

A vintage dish towel encloses a bottle of country wine. Lay the bottle lengthwise along one side, its bottom 2 inches from the edge. Roll it up in the towel, and secure with straight pins at 2-inch intervals. Fold the bottom sides inward as you would wrap a box, and pin. Cinch the top with twine.

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