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Silvering a Display Cabinet

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2005


  • 200 sheets of silver tea paper

  • Glue stick or white craft glue

  • Felt


  1. Remove the back of the cabinet before beginning. If the wood has been painted with glossy or oil-based paint, sand it first so the glue will adhere to the surface. The color of the cabinet underneath could affect the result, so paint the cabinet white before applying the tea paper.

  2. Cut out the silver squares from their white borders. Apply glue to the back of each square, then glue the squares to the cabinet, overlapping them slightly. Cover the back panel, the inside of the drawer, and the tops, bottoms, and lips of the shelves. The packets of papers vary in shades of silver and should give a slightly patchy effect.

  3. After finishing each square, gently rub the paper with felt to smooth the surface without scratching it. Be careful your hands do not get glue on them; the glue will pick off the silver paper. If this happens, simply apply another square.

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