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The Beat Goes On

Photography: Lucas Allen

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2007


Drum-shaped ornaments are among the most iconic Christmas decorations. But you don't need to scour antiques stores and flea markets to drum up your own set -- all it takes to make the ornaments are plain wooden boxes, festive ribbon, and glue. For a harmonious presentation, display them among other music-themed ornaments, such as the bugles pictured here. Fill the drums with cookies, truffles, or other small treats and they'll even double as party favors.


  1. Decorate wooden boxes by attaching patterned ribbon around the bases and lids with craft glue. (For our 3-inch-wide box, we glued a 1-inch-wide ribbon around the base.)

  2. To create a strap for hanging the ornament, cut a length of thin ribbon, and glue each end to the inside lip of the box lid.

  3. If using the ornaments as favors, line their interiors with decorative paper cupcake liners, and put candies inside.

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