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Save the Date Magnet

You'll never forget your own wedding date, but it doesn't hurt to provide your guests with a hard-to-lose reminder.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings, 2000





  • An image that you consider emblematic of your wedding (we used a postcard of a chapel)

  • Color photocopier

  • Adhesive-backed sheet magnets

  • Labels with wedding information

  • Glue


  1. Enlarge or reduce the emblematic image of your wedding on a color photocopier to the size of precut adhesive-backed sheet magnets, leaving room for the details.

  2. Affix slips of paper bearing your names and the wedding date to the image to create a template of the finished product.

  3. Using a color photocopier, produce as many copies as you will need, and trim to size. Glue each label to a magnet, and mail.

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