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Travel Laundry Pouch

Clotheskeeping, Special Issue

Laundry is probably one of the last things you want to think about when you're far away from home. But spills and stains cannot be left behind. You're better off being prepared, since the key to successful stain removal is to act immediately. Hotel laundry services are very expensive, and stains can set if you wait until you get home to remove them. Martha always packs a handy, lightweight travel-laundry kit. Here's what it contains:

Clear detergent
Woolite, for delicates
Stain stick
Carbona stain roller
Stain wipes
Lint roller
Portable clothesline
Oil solvent for greasy stains and nonwashables (choose one that's nonaerosol for air travel)
Mesh bag
Drain cover
Sewing kit


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