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Something Cute, Crawling Your Way

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2008


Give gourd decorations new life this fall. Prop up their oblong shapes -- naturally reminiscent of bug bodies -- with 6 or more legs, and then top with antennae.


  • 20-gauge floral stem wire

  • Awl

  • Floral tape


  1. To make legs, cut 4-inch-long pieces of 18-gauge paper-covered stem wire; cover with floral tape (use a color that matches gourd).

  2. Make antennae using shorter lengths of 20-gauge floral stem wire; curl the ends under to create tips; cover with more tape.

  3. Using an awl, poke holes in gourd for legs and antennae. Put appendages in place, curving ends of legs for feet.

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