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Stenciled Halloween Cakes

Martha Stewart Living, October 1996

Use stencils to decorate gingerbread snacking cake and chocolate brownies with powdered-sugar silhouettes of witches, pumpkins, black cats, and spiders.

To make stencils, blow up our Halloween-themed templates* to desired size on a copy machine, using stiff paper. Cut out with a utility knife. Cut cooled brownies and gingerbread into circles and squares. Turn cakes over for stenciling, and place a stencil onto each cake. Sift orange sanding sugar or a mix of ground ginger and confectioners' sugar over cake. Carefully remove stencil.

*Halloween Templates
We offer this file in a PDF format, in order to make the details clear and printable. If you have trouble downloading the file, you can obtain the software for free from Adobe's website.

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