September 30, 2015

Use stencils to decorate

gingerbread snacking cake and

chocolate brownies with powdered-sugar silhouettes of witches, pumpkins, black cats, and spiders.

To make stencils, blow up our Halloween-themed templates* to desired size on a copy machine, using stiff paper. Cut out with a utility knife. Cut cooled brownies and gingerbread into circles and squares. Turn cakes over for stenciling, and place a stencil onto each cake. Sift orange sanding sugar or a mix of ground ginger and confectioners' sugar over cake. Carefully remove stencil.

We offer this file in a PDF format, in order to make the details clear and printable. If you have trouble downloading the file, you can obtain the software for free from Adobe's website.

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October 30, 2008
And decorate when brownie is still warm. I'm going to try it
October 30, 2008
BetsyAnnette, maybe if you turn the brownie over like stated below
October 12, 2008
It's very important to turn the cake or brownie over on it's bottom, doing it on the top is quite difficult and becomes smudged.
October 9, 2008
I have used this technique on brownies since I first saw it in MS Living over 10 years ago. I have even expanded to other images with powdered sugar (football for tail gate parties,etc.). I haven't had much success with sanding sugar though. How do you get it to stick? Some of these images here have layed on the sanding sugar pretty thick.