When you're hemming fabric -- whether for table linens, curtains, or clothes -- accuracy is important. Ensure good results and save time with this technique: To make a 1-inch hem, for example, draw a line on card stock, 1 inch in from an edge. Place the card stock on fabric, with line parallel to fabric edge. Fold fabric over card stock, aligning fabric edge with line; press with an iron. Repeat, folding and pressing again to encase the raw edge. Stitch hem to secure.

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Martha Stewart Member
January 21, 2018
Have done this for years...use for anything needs marking at the ironing board...esp with quilting.
Martha Stewart Member
July 15, 2015
we always saved the boards from packaged shirts, tshirts, etc. They had a long side that made for easy hemming.
Martha Stewart Member
March 16, 2015
lol x So Obvious when someone says it! I'll certainly give it a go. It can see it will press out out any gathering required, evenly too.. Marvelous! Thank you Martha
Martha Stewart Member
March 15, 2015
How have I been sewing for the past 48 years and not figured this! Genius!
Martha Stewart Member
August 10, 2014
The idea is great. The photo and instructions are not. The text colouring on the photo make it hard to read
Martha Stewart Member
August 9, 2014
Just be careful that the pen or pencil used to make the line will not transfer to the fabric of your project.
Martha Stewart Member
February 5, 2011
How simple and simply genious. Thank you for the fab tip!!!!