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Pet First Aid Kit

Source: Martha Stewart


Humans aren't the only ones who fall victim to emergencies requiring first aid; our pets sometimes find themselves with scrapes, cuts, bumps, or other mishaps requiring attention. For minor problems, or to stabilize your pet until it can be brought to a veterinarian, Paw-Paw Industries has put together a first-aid kit that can address any number of injuries.

The first-aid kit includes a booklet on treating your pet's injuries; In Case of Fire stickers to alert firemen that there are pets living in your house; tweezers and scissors; a plunge syringe for administering liquid medication or flushing out eyes or wounds; bandages and medical tape; cotton-tipped applicator swabs; castile soap, a glycerine-based antibacterial cleanser; antiseptic wound cleaners and antibacterial ointments; antihistamine; a pair of latex gloves; an instant cold pack; an emergency blanket; and a styptic pencil.


Paw-Paw Industries
60 Allen Street, Pembroke, MA 02359


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