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How to Make a Closet on Wheels

Martha Stewart Living, September 1998

Use the space under your bed -- often home to shoe boxes and dust bunnies -- to house drawers fitted with casters for a smooth rolling in and out.


Tools and Materials

1 drawer kit (from housewares store)

4 flush-mount casters with mounting screws

4 three-inch squares of wood or MDF, 1/2 inch thick

1 sturdy pull handle Canvas, 4 inches wider and 2 inches longer than top of drawer

2 strips of self-adhesive Velcro as long as the drawer

Wood glue



1. Determine height of drawer by measuring distance from bed frame to floor; subtract 1 1/2 inches plus the height of the casters. Assemble drawer according to instructions. Trim drawer face to be even with top edges of drawer box. Attach drawer face, trimmed side down, and attach pull handle with hardware.


2. Drill 4 holes for each caster in the wood squares with a bit slightly smaller than the screws; screw casters in place. Glue each wood square into each corner on underside of drawer with wood glue.


3. To make dust flap, hem canvas (so it's as wide as drawer and 1 inch longer on left and right sides) front to back. Sew looped side of Velcro along left and right edges of canvas. Attach hooked side of Velcro on outside of top edge, to the right and left of drawer. Match up Velcro strips on one side, pull canvas across, and match strip on opposite side. To make a pull handle, fold the twill tape into a loop with cut ends together, then fold raw edges over twice by 3/4 inch. Place folded ends inside box at center front, 1 inch below top. Hammer tacks through folded tape.


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