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Tame the Broom Closet

A neat broom closet will make you feel more optimistic about cleaning the house. To help avoid clutter, begin by making sure the space is stocked with only what you need. Using the wall and shelves will help keep the floor clear. Cleaning equipment and supplies should be grouped according to the room in which they're used. Install pairs of pegs, above right, to support your vacuum hose and mop; similarly, cup hooks and tool hooks can be used to hold whisk brooms and dustpans.

A nylon bag hung from a cup hook mounted on the wall can house vacuum-cleaner attachments and replacement vacuum bags. Bins and boxes, opposite, hold a variety of cleaners and tools without looking sloppy. A towel bar mounted behind the vent on the door lets damp rags air out, and sturdy hooks on the back of the door keep a folded stepladder out of the way when it's not in use.

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