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Homemade Sachets

Source: Martha Stewart Living


  • Herbs

  • Old handkerchief

  • Ribbon or twine

  • Linen

  • For no-sew solution: Sock


  1. For your drawers, spoon a small amount of herbs into a beautiful old handkerchief, gather the ends, and tie with ribbon or twine.

  2. For your shoes, create a sachet that will help them retain their shape as well as freshen them. Sew a carrot-shaped sachet, using a piece of linen two times wider than the shoe at its widest point plus 2 inches; make a channel at the top so you can cinch it with ribbon.

  3. Or, if you are looking for a no-sew solution, simply stuff herbs into a sock -- nothing is better acquainted with the shape of a foot.

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