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Pinwheel Napkins

Make a down-home meal more fun with pinwheel napkins made from bandannas (they're easy to find and inexpensive).

Source: Martha Stewart Living, July 2005


  • Bandana

  • Iron


  1. Turn your iron to the high or cotton setting. Fold the bandanna into quarters, and iron it flat.

  2. Fold one side toward the center, as shown. Iron in place.

  3. Use your right index finger to hold the folded-up edge against the center. With your left hand, pull the corner toward you, as shown; fold the corner at a right angle to create a pinwheel "vane." Iron in place.

  4. Hold the center with your right index finger, and pull the upper left corner with your left hand so it folds down, as shown in the picture at right. Hold the center with your left index finger and pull the upper-right corner with your right hand so the vane points up; press it. Reach inside the bottom-right corner; pull out and fold to make the last vane. Iron flat.

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