No need to bring the party indoors after the sun goes down, even if your yard isn't lit. String up lights to illuminate the festivities. Don't have a place to hang them? Wooden poles anchored in flower buckets filled with garden gravel can be set up anywhere there's level ground, and they help define an outdoor gathering place. Arrange poles in a square, circle or row, and string the lights from one to another.

You'll find 6- to 8-foot wooden poles, screw eyes, plastic fastener strips, and strings of mini-lantern lights at home-supply stores (use lights and extension cords safety-tested for outdoors and no more than three 35-light sets per outlet). Purchase buckets and gravel at a garden center. Position buckets in yard. Insert a screw eye into the top of each pole. Place pole in center of bucket; fill with gravel. Run light strand from pole to pole, attaching to each screw eye with fastener.



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