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Gift Tags

Source: Martha Stewart


Made from stationery-store supplies, ribbon pieces, and a hole punch, these gift tags are inexpensive and fun to create (clockwise from top left): The kraft-paper leaves have pinked edges, with a bunch of millinery berries and a velvet ribbon threaded through a hole punched in the corner. A round paper tag and a holly sprig are affixed with a narrow ribbon to a backdrop of two silver-foil seals glued together. A red ribbon and a miniature-sled ornament embellish a green stationery tag. Tiny glass balls, a boxwood sprig, and gold organdy ribbon dress a round key tag. A mini pinecone, balsam sprig, and gold bell adorn a red stationery tag. A crisp plaid ribbon and silk leaves turn a plain piece of white paper into a charming gift tag.

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