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Ribbon Watchband

Fashion your own charming watch strap from a length of pretty ribbon. All you need is a watch with a removable band, a tape measure, ribbon, and snap fasteners.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2002


Replace a broken or worn-out watchband with grosgrain ribbon.


  • Tape measure

  • Grosgrain ribbon (about the same width as the original band)

  • Watch with a removable band
  • Snap fasteners


  1. Measure wrist with a tape measure; add 2 1/4 inches, and cut a length of ribbon to total.

  2. Run ribbon through slot on one side, over back of watch face, and through other slot.

  3. Fold over 3/4 inch of ribbon on each end; iron flat. Use a hammer to attach snap fasteners to each folded-over side, following package directions. Be sure the female half of the snap faces down and the male half faces up, so they close properly when placed on wrist.

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