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Paper Pinwheels

Source: Martha Stewart Living, July/August 1998


Colorful pinwheels, made out of coordinating sheets of origami or lightweight paper, stand tall against a blue summer sky, poised to whirl at the slightest suggestion of wind.


  • Origami or lightweight paper

  • Dowel or skewer

  • Spray mount

  • Push pin

  • Map pin

  • Bead


  1. Cut a thin dowel or skewer to desired length (clip pointed end from skewer); paint and let dry.

  2. Choose two coordinating sheets of origami or lightweight paper. Cut a square from each the size you'd like your pinwheel to be (ours range from 3 to 6 inches).

  3. Use spray mount to glue squares together. Fold in half, diagonally, and in half again, then unfold.

  4. Cut along each crease two-thirds of way to square's center, dividing each corner into two points. Bring every other point to center so points overlap.

  5. Hold in place, poke a pushpin through center, and, keeping points in place, remove pushpin. Insert a map pin into hole formed (the pushpin hole is slightly larger than circumference of the map pin, enabling the pinwheel to spin).

  6. Thread a small bead onto pin behind the wheel, and poke pin into dowel 1/2 inch from top. To prevent wood from splitting, soak the dowel tip in water before inserting map pin.

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