Dress up a miniature chest of drawers with beads. First, unscrew existing knobs. Use decorative flathead screws thin enough to fit through the holes in drawers and beads. To create a new knob, thread one flat, then one round bead, onto a screw; insert into hole, and tighten in place with a nut on the inside of drawer.


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Martha Stewart Member
June 20, 2009
I imagine that the round bead is to give additional space behind the flat bead so that you can grip the drawer pull. The challenge will be to find beads with large enough holes to fit on the screw. Many lampwork bead artists produce them but on the whole, large-holed beads are tough to come by. There just isn't a good selection of them that are mass-produced. This might be a good project for do-it-yourself polymer clay beads. For an industrial look you could stack different bolts and washers.