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Seasonally-Infused Spirits

Martha Stewart Living, June 2009

Mix your favorite spirits with seasonal herbs, fruits, and even vegetables for tasty, and beautiful, beverages. Use our combinations or create your own. Wash and dry the add-ins; trim, slice, pit, or cut them into chunks before placing them in two cups of alcohol. Let the spirits infuse in the refrigerator until the desired flavor is achieved, at least overnight and up to a month (remove the additions before they break down). Then sip straight up or mixed into a cocktail.

1. Chamomile Gin 
Combine gin, 8 chamomile sprigs with flowers

2. Fennel Vodka 
Combine vodka, 1/2 small fennel bulb, plus fennel fronds

3. Plum-Lemon Balm Brandy 
Combine eau-de-vie de vin (unoaked brandy), 3 yellow plums, 2 lemon balm sprigs

4. Lemongrass-Peach Sake 
Combine sake, 1 trimmed lemongrass stalk, 1 peach

5. Red-Plum Grappa 
Combine grappa, 3 red plums

6. Lemon Verbena Vodka 
Combine vodka, 2 long lemon verbena stems with leaves

7. Lemon Basil-Raspberry Brandy 
Combine eau-de-vie de vin (unoaked brandy), 1 lemon basil sprig, 1/3 cup raspberries

8. Beet-Cucumber Vodka 
Combine vodka, 1 small peeled beet, 3-inch piece cucumber     

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