An Easy Way to Edge a Lawn


While there's a certain excitment and intrigue in the unpredictability of gardens, a little bit of order is always welcome when you're exercising your green thumb. Masterfully edging your garden gives you just that – a clean, defined space in which your vegetables and flowers can flourish without being overtaken by unruly grass. And while you might be familiar with the common string-and-spade method of edging your garden, a humble plank of wood makes for a super simple alternative, allowing you to achieve clean-cut edges for your garden without having to crawl around on your hands and knees, repeatedly adjusting a string.


The Tools

You'll only need two materials to edge your lawn using this simple method: a plank of wood and an edging tool. The classic tool for edging a bed is the half-moon edger, but any flat-bladed spade will do the job. Whatever tool you're using, sharpen the blade with a metal file before you get started to make the job easier and to ensure the cleanest cut.

The Technique

To edge your lawn, garden, or flower bed using a plank of wood, simply lay the board flat, secure it with your foot, and drive a flat spade along one side. Move the board as you work your way down the bed to create a clean, straight line.

Maintain Your Edges

Once you've perfected the edge of your garden, you may have to continue maintaining it from time to time, such as by using border shears to trim and groom the edges any time the grass from your lawn starts creeping back into your garden or flower bed. If you want to avoid the need for occasional maintenance, another option is to insert bricks or tiles along the edges of your garden after you've finished edging it. While this may require a bit of extra work at the onset, it will give you a more permanent raised edge and will seriously reduce your workload in the longrun.

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