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Non-Fussy Winter Table Decorations

Martha Stewart Living, December 2003

Elaborate embellishments have their place on the formal holiday table, but sometimes it's nice to leave the fancy candlesticks in the cupboard in favor of a setting that's more casual, playful, and warm. With the ideas on these pages, you can set a nature-themed table that's at once festive, cozy, and inviting.


The materials are down-to-earth and easy to find. You might gather a few twigs from the backyard or trim the strays from your Christmas tree, then use them to make charming place-card holders. (Whoever imagined place-card holders could be so fragrant?) Or amass small forests of cinnamon sticks to give pillar candles a rustic look and a warmer glow.


Of course, a woodsy table setting should also include some of nature's creatures. In the shake of a fawn's tail, you can make a family of plastic deer look like they have just wandered in from a wintry landscape.


All of these projects are uncomplicated and quick, and require little more than shears, glue, and glitter. Plus, they make setting the table fun. Save the candlesticks for another celebration.


Place-Card Holders
Glittered Deer
Cinnamon Candle

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