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Arranging Pink Flowers

  Think pink limits your palette when it comes to flower arranging? Think again.  

The Martha Stewart Show, March 2010

Matthew Robbins, founder of Matthew Robbins Design and contributor to Martha Stewart Weddings, sees a world of floral possibility in the hue.

For example, pink flowers can make for a very feminine, sweet arrangement, but they can also achieve a more modern, sophisticated look when paired with a copper or grey vase. In addition, the specific shade of pink can drastically alter the tone of the arrangement.

Favorite Pink Flowers
Here are some of the flowers Matthew prefers to use when he's thinking pink:

  • Ranunculus (soft pale pink and darker pink)
  • Sweet peas (blush pink and darker pink)
  • Peonies (dark and lighter pink)
  • Soft-pink tulips
  • Mini pink orchids (dark and creamy blush pink)
  • Pink anemones (soft pink and dark)
  • Mini pink callas
  • Double-pink lisianthus
  • Pink jasmine


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