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Fancy Kids' Party Ideas

The Martha Stewart Show, March 2007

1. Turn a plain sandwich into fancy tea sandwiches with flower-shaped cookie cutters.

2. Turn plain lemonade into fancy lemonade by adding fancy ice cubes with edible flowers and a fancy straw. To make the ice cubes, fill an ice cube tray halfway with bottled water. Put one edible flower in each cube and freeze. Take the ice tray out the freezer and fill to the top with bottled water. Refreeze and serve. (Note: It is safe to eat homegrown flowers specifically grown for eating. Plants grown for the garden (and not for eating) from your local florist or garden center should never be eaten because of the chemicals that are approved for use on garden plants (which are not approved for food plants). Some of the most common and best-tasting edible flowers are nasturtiums, pansies, Johnny-jump-ups, violets, roses, forget-me-nots, scented geraniums, borage, and calendula. Flowers can be toxic, so properly identifying them is crucial. Lilies of the valley, hyacinths, and some hydrangea are just a few examples of poisonous varieties. Pesticides also can be toxic, so you should avoid flowers found by the side of the road.)

3. Turn a plain cake stand into a fancy one by tying a ribbon around the base of the cake stand and using double-sided tape to attach a scalloped ribbon to the rim.

4. Turn a plain favor bag into a fancy one by writing the recipient's name in glitter, adding a personalized Martha Stewart Kodak Gallery stickers to it, and folding the top of the bag over a feathered pen. You can also get exclusive party invitations at Martha Stewart Designs at Kodak Gallery.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to author Jane O'Connor and HarperCollins Children's Books for providing the audience with copies of "Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy"; FAO Schwarz for providing stuffed dogs for the segments, Danskin for providing the ballet attire, and Capezio for providing the ballet slippers.

The edible flowers used in this segment are from Jacobs Farm ( and are available at Whole Foods and other fine retailers. You can also purchase edible flowers at and Martha Stewart's Kodak Gallery stickers used in this segment can be designed and purchased at Martha Stewart Designs at Kodak Gallery.

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