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Carve a Turkey

The Martha Stewart Show

While a whole roasted turkey is an impressive sight, so is a well-arranged platter of sliced meat -- and carving the bird before placing it on the table will make serving easier. Evan Lobel of Lobel's of New York has the best, easiest, and most efficient way to get your holiday turkey ready for dinner.

1. Place the turkey in front of you breast side up with the wings closest to you.

2. Remove both wings. Remove both drumsticks and thighs and put to one side for later.

3. Take one breast off the bone and place it on a carving block to slice.

4. Run knife along side the top of the breast bone.

5. Continue carving down the carcass until the breast is removed.

6. Place on board and slice.

7. Separate the thigh meat with hands after it cools, and arrange the meat on a platter.

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