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Preparing Cauliflower

Everyday Food, Volume 15 September 2004

Whether you plan to boil, steam, or roast this vegetable, start by giving your cauliflower a simple trim.

Leaves and Stem
Although the leaves and stem of the cauliflower are edible, they have a tougher texture and stronger flavor than the florets. (If you like, save them to use in soups and stews.)

1. Rinse cauliflower well just before using it. Snap off tough outer leaves, and discard.

2. Using a sharp knife, cut off stem, then hollow out and remove core, angling blade to avoid cutting into florets.

3. Cut or break cauliflower into large florets (or smaller pieces if called for in a recipe).

When wrapped tightly in plastic, cauliflower heads can be refrigerated for three to five days.


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