There are few things that are more precious than your child's own artwork. Here are a few guidelines for safekeeping these one-of-a-kind creations.

It probably makes the most sense to edit out some of your child's artwork. Unfortunately, it doesn't make sense to keep everything. Those things that you want to save need a strong, safe box or portfolio.

There are many options from art supply or archival stores to use to organize the artwork. Look for something that is big enough to hold those great masterpieces without having to fold the pictures. One option is to choose a corrugated or acid-free portfolio.

Before storing the artwork, write the child's name, age, and date on the back of the artwork or use a small label. Use tags to identify exactly what is in each file.

One of Martha's favorite ways to keep the memory of every piece of wonderful artwork is to use a camera. Take a picture of your child with his or her art whether it is a painting, a drawing, or a wonderful 3-D project. Now, not only do you have a great visual of the art, but you also have a great memory of what your child looked like when he or she made that special project.

Arrange photos in an album with either plastic pouches or photo corners made of acid-free paper or Mylar. Always stay away from the magnetic albums. They damage the pictures. Two pieces of plexi-glass held together with a binder clip is a great way to display art. What's great about this framing technique is that it's easily changeable, so every so often you can change the artwork.

Store everything away from light, heat, and humidity, and you can save these wonderful memories for a lifetime.

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These are all wonderful ideas to save your children's art and celebrate their creative work. At SouvenarteBooks in New York City, we'll take any 2D or 3D art piece , no matter how big or small, photograph and scan them in our studio and design a beautiful coffee table book. Our books are treasured keepsakes keeping poems, paintings. drawings and memorabilia preserved and safe.
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February 1, 2009
hello. I am interested in the storage shelves and drawers in the photo above. Where can I see a more detailed version of those? I would really like to have something similar to those for organizing stuff. thanks