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Sneakers with Braided Shoelaces

Should your kids want a break, one of these days, from making friendship bracelets (and anklets and necklaces and...), get them to outfit everyone's sneakers with cheery braided shoelaces.

Photography: Raymond Hom

Source: Martha Stewart Living, August 2010


Canvas shoes (top) and poplin shoes (third from top), $65 per pair, Bensimon children's shoes, $40, Bensimon tennis shoes (bottom), $54,

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  • Woven fabric

  • Sneakers


  1. Cut or rip 3/8-inch strips of fabric, selvage to selvage.

  2. Knot ends, and tape to a tabletop so you can pull the strands taut as you braid. Braid them to the length you need.

  3. Lace the unknotted end through the shoe's grommets, then knot. (If you have trouble getting the lace through the grommet, wrap clear tape around the ends, or wet them.)

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