If you want to neatly store your television away when it's not in use, you'll need a television cabinet. But rather than buying one, you can use a simple technique to modify a piece you may already have in your home. Almost any cabinet is suitable for this project, as long as it is deep enough to accommodate a TV on a shelf with mounted slides and has enough room beneath it for a VCR or DVD player.

Making a Television Cabinet

Hand drill, fitted with a hole-saw bit


Existing sturdy shelf, or piece of plywood cut to fit within cabinet

TV slide

Piece of plywood, for brace

1. Using a hand drill fitted with a hole-saw bit, drill a hole into the back of the cabinet, to run electrical cords through to the outlet and cables between the TV, VCR, or cable box.

2. Mount the TV slide onto the center of the shelf, following manufacturer's instructions. Insert the shelf into the cabinet. To make sure the shelf doesn't topple over when you pull the TV out, secure it with a brace. To make the brace, attach a piece of plywood (We used a 1 1/2-by-4-inch piece) to the inside back of the cabinet flush with the shelf. Place TV on slide and VCR or DVD player beneath shelf.

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