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Gingerbread House Recipes

Spicy Pumpkin Bundt Cake
This recipe for spicy pumpkin bundt cake is a delicious and seasonal treat sure to please the whole family.

Molasses-Gingerbread Cookies
These cookies have a dark color and a pronounced molasses flavor.

Honey-Gingerbread Cookies
These gingerbread cookies include a generous amount of honey, which gives them a pale golden color and a mildly sweet flavor.


Royal Icing

Gingerbread Town House Cookies How-To
1. Make cookie doughs through step 3.

2. Use town house templates at 133 percent (print onto clear, thin, flexible plastic sheets, and cut out) or 6-inch-tall house-shape cutters to cut out 12 cookies (2 of each shape from each kind of dough).

3. For ornaments, use a small, plain pastry tip (such as Ateco #10) or a skewer to make a hole in the top of each house. Cut out doors and windows. Transfer houses, doors, and windows to parchment-lined baking sheets, and freeze for 15 minutes. Brush houses with a damp pastry brush, then decorate with doors and windows in contrasting color of dough. Freeze for 15 minutes.

4. Bake cookies as directed, and let cool completely before decorating. Use a pastry bag fitted with a very small plain round tip (such as Ateco #0 or #1) to outline house, doors, and windows with royal icing. Decorate as desired, and let set overnight. Outline backs of cookies with icing, and let set.

5. If you are making ornaments, tie ribbons through holes for hanging.

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