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Funny Summer Hats

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 14 2004


Whether you use a baseball cap or sailor's hat to make this headgear, your kids will love wearing it  -- and their delicate skin will be protected from the sun. An island paradise complete with pretty shells, the most evil shark in the sea, and a bright (but slightly befuddled) lobster will sit just right on young silly heads everywhere.

Using the templates, cut shapes from felt and secure with fabric glue.

 For island hat: Make eight leaves; stack in pairs, slightly askew; stitch together and to trunk. Cut 4-inch length of rickrack. For shells, starting at center of base, stitch "grooves" ending 1/8 inch from notches. Pinch shell at base; hand-stitch so it curves out. Glue pieces to hat.

For shark hat: Glue two fins together, stop 1/2 inch from bottom. Fold bottom flaps out; sew to top of hat. Glue on eyes and teeth.

 For lobster hat: Fold one end of two pipe cleaners at 1/4 inch; sew to front of hat. Glue claws to brim and eyes to crown.


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