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No Litter Lunch with Molly

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When Molly Chappellet prepares for children’s picnics, she likes to make what she calls no-litter lunches. These healthy sandwiches and snacks are made using the freshest ingredients from the garden and are wrapped in grape, cabbage, and lettuce leaves, instead of plastic or foil, so that there is no mess or cleanup. Also known as hobo’s lunches, all the treats are then wrapped together in a bandanna and tied to the end of stick—one for each child.

To make no-litter lunches, try some of Molly’s creative ideas, or improvise with your own natural ingredients. Add a piece of fresh fruit or even an ear of baby corn in its own husk as a snack.

Veggie Sandwich

Sandwich a tomato slice and a leaf of basil between two thick slices of Armenian or English cucumber cut at an angle. Spread a little mayonnaise on the cucumber to hold the tomato in place. Wrap in a grape leaf or two, and secure with a chive.

Health Food Sandwich

Make a sandwich of peanut butter, raisins, mayonnaise, and lettuce on your favorite bread. Wrap in a large grape or cabbage leaf, and tie up with a parsley stem.

Celery Sandwich

Place a strip of sun-dried tomato and a narrow slice of grilled or poached chicken between two sticks of celery. Cut a 1/2-inch “napkin ring” shape from a long, narrow pepper or eggplant, and slip it over the celery sandwich to hold it together.

Split Banana

Slit through the skin of a banana and partially through the flesh, drip melted chocolate inside, and cover with granola. Close the skin again; the cooling chocolate will hold the banana closed.

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