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Agave and Aloe Pups

Martha shows you how to re-pot and package agave plant pups for a Handmade Holiday gift perfect for gardeners.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2008


Give out this Handmade Holiday gift, which comes from the garden and costs close to nothing -- just the price of a pot and some soil!


  1. Put on heavy gloves.

  2. Carefully brush off surrounding soil.

  3. With a sharp knife, cut out pup as far down as possible.

  4. If pup has no roots attached, place in pot with grit.

  5. After the wound dries and calluses, it will grow roots. Do not water until roots have formed.

  6. If pup has roots, then transplant directly into pot with a soil mix made specifically for succulents and cacti. Or blend your own with 1/3 each of pumice, light potting soil, and coarse sand or granite.

  7. Water and keep in direct sunlight.

  8. Layer 1 piece of 19-by-19-inch cellophane with 2 pieces of 19-by-19-inch tissue paper.

  9. Make sure they are fanned out.

  10. Place pot in center.

  11. Gather wrapping around pot and secure with clothespin to keep it up. (This is a "good thing" when you are alone and need the wrapping held up.)

  12. Tie raffia around pot.

  13. Attach tag to raffia with wax twine.

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