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Embossed Gift Tags and Cards

Source: Martha Stewart Living


These beautifully embossed cards require equipment you may not have lying around the house, such as a heat tool, embossing powder, and a glycerin stamp pad. See Resources to find out where to obtain these items.

Resources: The embossing powder, clear ink pad, and the heat tool we used in this segment can be found at
The rubber stamps we used can be found at


  • Rubber stamps, carved into holiday designs

  • Glycerin clear ink stamp pad

  • Embossing powder

  • Heat tool


  1. Wet rubber stamp on the glycerin pad and stamp a card. Working over a piece of paper to catch the excess, pour embossing powder over the card until the entire image is coated. Allow to sit for several seconds, then tap off the surplus powder. You can use this process to emboss a gift box or the cover of a journal, as well.

  2. Turn on the heat tool and point it directly at the stamped design. At a distance of 2 inches, move the heat tool over the image until the powder is uniformly melted. Allow to cool for 30 seconds.

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