Most of the stories in author Maile Meloy's debut collection are set in the American West and explore grand themes such as life, death, alienation, and the dynamics of human relationships through the eyes and actions of realistic, believable characters. Maile says that she chose the short-story genre because it provided an efficient way to let her often-tragic yet hopeful scenarios come to life on the page. A recipient of the 2001 Aga Khan Prize for Fiction, Maile has also been published in the ‘Paris Review,' ‘Ploughshares,' and the ‘New Yorker.' She is scheduled to release her first novel in summer 2003.

Maile Meloy

Patricia Eisemann


1230 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10020

Maile Meloy

"Half in Love" (Scribner, 2002; $23)

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