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Picnic Roll

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A well-packed picnic basket not only contains whichever foods are on the menu, it also makes utensils and supplies easy to transport. Using an ordinary dish towel, you can create a pouch that easily accommodates your flatware, a paring knife, and a corkscrew.

Place the dish towel right side down, and fold up approximately 7 inches to create the pocket. Place a piece of flatware in the fold to make sure it's the right size and covers most of the handle but still leaves enough exposed so that the utensil is easy to remove. Press the fold of the pocket's bottom. Fold the top down so that it's even with the bottom fold; press to make a neat flap that covers the flatware.

Fold a 34-inch length of twill tape or ribbon in half. Insert the fold into one of the side seams, 2 inches down from the top of the pocket. Pin it in place. Pin the pocket edge on each side. With a line of pins or a light chalk line, mark eight vertical pockets about 2 1/2 inches apart. Each pocket will hold about two pieces of flatware, a sharp knife, or a corkscrew. Machine-stitch the outside seams and along each of your marked pockets, remembering to backstitch at the top and bottom so that they are secure. Insert your flatware, and fold down the top of the towel to cover the pockets. Roll it up, starting on the side without the ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the roll.

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