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Paper Turkeys

Getting these brilliantly feathered friends to the table requires pasting (but no basting) and some cutting and folding.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2004


For a gobbling-good centerpiece, set out two or three in the middle of your holiday table. Or let smaller toms do service as Thanksgiving place cards.


  1. Download and print turkeys on card stock; there are separate templates for place cards and centerpiece.

  2. Glue turkeys back-to-back; cut out. Cut two strips of orange art paper, each 1 5/8 by 15 inches for the place cards and 3 1/8 by 20 inches for the centerpiece.

  3. Using a bone folder or straightedge, accordion-fold strips, making each fold as deep as the height of the base. Glue end of folded strip to left side of base, making sure first fold faces up; hold until secure. Glue and hold right side. Repeat on opposite side.

  4. Dab glue underneath in center of folded strip to hold folds together; repeat on other side. For place cards, write names on card stock and lean against turkeys.

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