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How to Make a Perfect Cappuccino

The Martha Stewart Show, January 2010

Martha loves to start her day with a delicious cappuccino. Regardless of which espresso machine you use, follow these simple tips for a frothy beverage that would make a barista proud.

  • The visual indication of a great espresso shot is the crema, the thick, golden foam that covers the top of the espresso when the brew process is complete.

  • Whole milk will produce creamier foam. You can use skim, but keep in mind that it is thinner in taste.

  • Make sure your milk is very cold.
  • The ideal temperature for steamed milk is 145 to 170 degrees. (To ensure the precise temperature, use a milk frothing thermometer.) When steaming, the temperature will rise about 5 degrees past the stopping point, so if the desired temperature is 160 degrees, stop at 155. Never steam or froth past 170 degrees as this will scald the milk and leave a burnt aftertaste.

  • Never re-steam or foam milk; it simply won't taste good.


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